Handbuch A22LS

Handbuch A22 LS.

Bose A20 Handbuch deutsch

Das Manual zum Bose A20 Bluetooth Headset.

XTreme Efis

The XTreme is a compact, multifunction electronic flight information system intended as a main flight instrument in smaller aircraft or as a backup/secondary flight instrument in larger aircraft. The XTreme, which fits a standard 3 1/8” instrument panel hole, contains all the necessary functionality to replace several flight and engine monitoring instruments.

MGL Avionics SPL-6 Magnetometer

This document describes installation and usage for the SP-6 magnetometer (electronic compass) and SP-7 AHRS (Attitude Heading Reference System) for connection to MGL Avionics flight instrumentation systems.

Rotax 912 ULS

In comparison to the 80 hp version of the Rotax 912 series the 100 hp product line offers more power while keeping the weight. This engine series offers a time between overhauls of 2.000 hrs and the best power to weight ratio in its class - no surprise that this engine is the best selling 4-stroke engine. This series is available as non-certified (Rotax 912 ULS) and certified engine (Rotax 912 S) according to FAR33.

Rotax 912 ULS Maintenance Manual

Before carrying out maintenance work on the engine, please read the Maintenance Manual (Heavy Maintenance) carefully. See also the latest revision of the corresponding Maintenance Manual (Line Maintenance) for the respective engine type 912 Series or 914 Series.

Rotax 912 / 914 Ilustrated Parts Catalogue

This Illustrated Parts Catalog is not an offer to sell parts, but a catalog illustrating the parts available at ROTAX authorized distributors. BRP-Rotax reserves the right to deliver the components (crankshaft, crankcase, special tools etc.) only to organisations with respective qualifications.

Rotax 912 ULS Operating Manual

Before starting the engine, read the Operators Manual, as it contains important safety relevant information. Failure to do so may result in personal injuries including death. Consult the original equipment manufacturers handbook for additional instructions!

Rotax 912 ULS Installation Manual

Before starting with engine installation, please read the Installation Manual completely as it contains important safety relevant information.

Trig TY91 Operating Manual

Trig’s compact radio is the ideal retro-fit that can be installed in the smallest panel. The TY91 is certified and highly capable. Easy to use and faster to tune, it takes up minimal space and weight. The unique ‘Push Step’ feature provides the fastest in class frequency selection. Dual Watch allows you to monitor two channels at the same time – it’s like having two radios in one. Compatibility with various EFIS systems enables remote control of the TY91 radio – it can even populate the on-route frequency from a connected GPS. A memory function and built-in intercom, with mic gain adjustment on each headset, demonstrates  just how much we’ve packed into our certified compact radios.

Trig TY91 Installation Manual

This manual describes the physical and electrical characteristics and the installation requirements for a TY91/TY92 VHF radio and associated controller. 

Trig TT21 Operating Manual

Chosen by pilots around the world our compact transponders are the best choice for good reason.

Fitting in the tightest panel space our innovative design saves weight and space. Trig is ‘better by design’ our Mode S technology  makes you visible to commercial, military and GA traffic, as a result transiting busy airspace becomes more predictable and stress free. Our transponders are future proof too – the growing use of ADS-B further enhances your visibility and flight safety. Unlike other brands Trig transponders meet the very latest certification standard for ADS-B, FAA TSO-C166b.

Designed to be easier to use, with a clear bright display the controller even comes with a built in altitude encoder!  Join other pilots who have made Trig their compact transponder of choice – you’ll be in great company.

Trig TT21 Installation Manual

This manual describes the physical and electrical characteristics and the installation requirements for a TT21/TT22 Mode S Transponder and associated TC20 controller.

Flarm Betriebshandbuch Version 278

Die Modellnummer für Ihr Classic FLARM kann aus der Seriennummer abgeleitet werden. Die ersten beiden Zeichen (der Buchstabe „F“ und eine Zahl) sind die Modellnummer Ihres Geräts. Wenn die Seriennummer z.B. F61234 ist, lautete die Modellnummer F6.


A22LS Parts Catalogue

AEROPRAKT-22LS Illustrated Parts Catalog A22LS-IPC-01

MGL Xtreme EFIS Simulator

Ein Simulator für das EFIS unter Windows (Version 1.29)

Verkehrsmonitor TM250 Handbuch

Das Verkehrsanzeigegerät TM250 der Firma f.u.n.k.e. AVIONICS GmbH ist eine Lösung für die Luftraumüberwachung der Allgemeinen Luftfahrt, die Mode S, ADS-B und FLARM®-Detektion in einem einzigen Gerät zur Installation im Cockpit vereint.

Verkehrsmonitor TM250 Erfahrungsbericht

Erfahrungsbericht TM250 – 12 Stunden durch Deutschland

Das neue Verkehrswarngerät TM250 der Funkwerk Avionics GmbH -vormals Filser Electronic GmbH- wird seit diesem Sommer ausgeliefert. In meiner Funktion als Geschäftsführer und Testpilot der Funkwerk Avionics GmbH habe ich das Gerät in meinem UL Evektor Eurostar SL (D-MIKF) installiert und eine längere Reise unternommen, während der das Gerät ausgiebig getestet wurde.

Zusätzlich fließen in diesen Bericht Erfahrungen aus einigen Alpenflügen rund um meinem Heimatflugplatz Kempten Durach (EDMK) ein.

VFR Austrocontrol Pilotfolder

Aus Österreich kommt ein nützliches Tool für Flieger aller Sparten, der VFR Pilotfolder Austria.

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