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Webcams .

...have a look to the weather in the Bavarian alps

Around the Tegernsee

  • Webcam Wallbergbahn-mountain station, view to north west with Tegernsee
  • Fancy Webcam-view from Castle Ringberg over the Tegernseer valley
  • Webcam at the Lakeshore promenade in Bad Wiessee; view to north west
  • Webcam-view from Bad Wiessee (lake-shore) over the lake to east heading the Tegernsee castle
  • Webcam-view from Hotel Ritter in Bad Wiessee to south east over the lake to the village Rottach-Egern
  • Webcam-view from Tegernsee over the lake to Bad Wiessee (view direction west). In the background the Fockenstein.
  • Webcam-view over the Tegernsee to south west. Mountains in the background (from left to right): Ringberg, Hirschberg, Ochsenkamp, Söllberg.
  • Webcam-view to the castle Tegernsee (view direction north west)
  • Webcam-view over the village of Tegernsee and over the lake to the sourth; in the background (from left to right) Setzberg, Blauberge with Schildenstein and the Ringbert
  • Webcam-view from Kreuth to south west, in the background the Leonhardstein (1452 m)
  • Webcam-view from Gmund to the south over the Tegernsee in direction Bad Wiessee and Rottach-Egern, with Wallberg and Setzberg; on the very right side you can see the Blauberge.
  • Webcam-view from Gmund over the Tegernsee direction Rottach-Egern (viewing direction south east); in the background the Wallberg, on the left side the Bodenschneid.
  • Webcam-view from Gmund in direction south west; between the trees you can see a part of the Tegernsee
  • Webcam at the Oedberg-Skilift, near Ostin (south of Gmund)

Around the Schliersee and Spitzingsee
  • Webcam in Hausham, view over the village to south west
  • Webcam-view out of the railway station in Schlierseer to the west
  • Webcam-view out of the Internetcafé at the railway station in Schliersee (view to the east)
  • Webcam-view from the Schliersbergalm over the Schliersee to the south Süden: Brecherspitze, Bodenschneid, Baumgartenschneid
  • Webcam Untere Firstalm (1325 m), between Spitzingsee and Bodenschneid, view to the south west (direction Suttenstein)
  • Webcam at the Klausenhütte in the village Spitzingsee view to north east (Jägerkamp and Wilde Fräulein)
  • Webcam at the Spitzingsattel view to north west; in the background the Schliersee Webcam-view over the Spitzingsee to the valley station of the Taubenstein-cablecar (view to south east); in the background (left) the Schwarzenkopf, on the right side the Hintere Sonnwendjoch
  • Webcam-view from the Oberen Maxlrainer-Alm (south west below the Taubenstein) view to south west heading the Bavarian and Austrian Schinder

Bayrischzell and Neighbourhood
Inntal Webcam-view from Berggasthof Hummelei (northwest of Oberaudorf, view to south east over the Inntal, to the Kaisergebirge (Zahmer Kaiser, Wilder Kaiser)
  • Webcam Oberaudorf, view to the west over the center of the villate with church, in the background you can see Hocheck (skiing area)
  • Webcam Hocheck skiing area west of Oberaudorf
  • Webcams Kiefersfelden: 1) view over the village direction south east; in the background the Wilde Kaiser ; 2) webcam in the Café Dörfl, Mühlau (northeast of Kiefersfelden, south west of Oberaudorf), view to south / south west

Views from the area south of Munich
  • Webcam-view from the Klinikum Rosenheim over the Mangfallgebirge
  • Webcam of the Fachhochschule Rosenheim
  • Webcam-view from Holzkirchen, direction south west. During clear weather you can see the Chiemgauer mountains, the Wendelstein and parts of the Mangfallgebirge. Private homepage of Gunnar Sircar.