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Airplanes… not only the Savannah

Hangar Del Cielo
Great pictures and videos from  Argentina.

The RealPlayer for download
You need it to view the videos.

A video from the company ICP
The producers video about the Savannah.

The Savannah in a commercial in the TV
Also in the TV the Savannah is used.

An Italian movie - the Savannah is the star.

Curious and Interesting

Kleinhartpenning in the cinema
A strange short movie about aliens in Kleinhartpenning.

They keep us off from flying...

Julia: Das Erste Video (RealPlayer)

„Education“.. or?

“Whisky Before Breakfast“ (RealPlayer)

The first concert in the famous „Kantn“!

“Whisky Before Breakfast“ (RealPlayer)

The second concert in the famous „Kantn“!