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It would be nice, if there would be many Savannah owners, who have also interest in exchange of experience.

If you fly a Savannah, and want to publish your contact information, please let us know by e-mail:

The current weather..

Webcams in the Bavarian Alps
Several webcams showing the current weather.
The weather forecast from the DWD...
The rough weather forecast from the German Weather Service (DWD).
NEW: 07.08.2010
A few new links habe been added.
A picture of our "Hangar" and an update of the German link page - the English will follow soon.
A new page has been added about flight planning.. sorry, only in German.
A new link has been added to a great site:
Maintenance of the site: Update of links. Guestbook and forum work again. New German downloads.
Greiling 2008 - not Tannkosh, but a very nice meeting!!:
Tannkosh 2008 - it's over. See you next year!!:
An article about the Savannah VG in the "Sports Pilot Magazine":
A new guestbook, a forum and an interresting new link: Andi Siebenhofer:
A new Checkliste for our Savannah. (Flarm including.)
Our Savannah now is equipped with a Flarm system.
The story is of a Savannah pilot, John Duigan, who celebrated his 80th by flying to the centre of Australia. Not many fuel stop in that neck of the woods!
Update: New Rotax 912 Installation Manual available.
New Link: Stolspeed - Vortex Generators for the Savannah.
New Link: VFR NOTAMS from the DFS.
New download: ICP Savannah for Flight Simulator X.
Links to several webcams in the Bavarian Alps.
Google Earth:
You use Google Earth and you want to visit us: Airport KHP
The site is rarely updated:
The site is currently rarely updated.... there is a reason for. I hope to be back soon.....
See you in "Tannkosh":
See you on 14.7.2006 in Tannheim?
New Links and Downloads:
Interesting new Links and helpful new Downloads.
Now we are Three:
Robert is now number three in our owners group...
Rans S6:
"Ullis new plane"
Here are a few images of Ullis brand new Rans S6.
"The airspace structure"
Spring comes - so this article is a good refreshment.
A very sad story:
Angelo d'Arrigo lost in a plane crash" ....
The man who crossed the Mount Everesy by a glider died at a accident with a microlight airplane.
The winter is very long:
Whisky Before Breakfast" helps to stay alive until spring comes.
Thank you very much for the great concert in the "Kantn"... which will be closed very soon.
Here you find a "Bonus Video".
With your microlight to Swizerland:
Following a ruling expected on April 1st 2006 microlights which conform to either BCAR S or else German LTF-UL and have a minimum wing load of 20kg/m will be allowed to enter Switzerland. This EXCLUDES trikes and rotating wing, which remain banned. See the permitted type-list at
A great idea:
There is a new website wit a very good idea - to bring people together having the same crazy hobbies :-)...
New pictures from Helena...
Helena is still a little bit shy concerning our Savannah... but this will change, I' sure :-)
It is winter time - so what...
There are a lot of things to do ... our Savannah should get other tires (has anybody experience with Tundra wheels: 8-6 ?)
But there is a good reason to stay at home!
The layout of the site changed a little bit...
...and we added a few new links.
The fax number to retrieve the weather forecast from the DWD changed:
Here you can find the new numbers.
Merry Christmas and year 2006—how you expect it!
24. December 2005
All our friends the best wishes, happy landings and see you soon again!
PREMIERVIDEO: “Whisky Before Breakfast“
22. December 2005
Is there anything better than flying? Surely not — but nearly: A live concert of the band „Whisky Before Breakfast“ in the famous
Dear Sabine, dear Flo: Thank you very much for the beautiful evening!

One needs however the RealPlayer.

17. December 2005
Our small plane find a place in the provisional „Hangar“.
In our neighbors hangar in Warngau was unfortunately no place for wintering. Their big hangar  seems probably from the outside more largely than it is inside and filled up with two airplanes already a little bit overcrowded....
Thank you for the neighborly assistance.
Flying is not possible - so here the first Video from Julchen...
27. November 2005
„Education“ :-)

One needs however the RealPlayer.

New photos from Julchen...
16. November 2005
...isn‘t is a reason not to fly?
Training for Landings
12. October 2005
A very good article about a good training method for safe landings (German only.. sorry).
The winter comes...
10 . November 2005
The winter comes and the plane wants to be prepared for wintering. What to do with the Rotax 912. A good article (German only.. sorry).
10 . November 2005
The winter comes and the plane wants to be prepared for wintering. What to do with the Rotax 912. A good article (German only.. sorry).