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Here we collected a few interesting links in the internet a small selection, we hope it will grow.

Important, serious and helpful.

The best we found for GPS navigation
using a Pocket PC. Free or you can donate. Worth to support.

CAVOK - Ulrich Hahn
Learn to fly? Technical support? Anything concerned microlight aviation - the best address we can recommend!

Schmidtler Bernd
A lot of knowledge and know how. If you have questions  concerning „your own airport! - contact him. Or if you want to buy an excellent Trike.

Luftsportverband Bayern
The "Airsport Club of Bavaria"

The weather in the alps - this is a must!

Infos zum Mode-S Transponder
Mandatory also for ultralights in Germany starting 2008.

German Aviation Security

Störungs und Unfallmeldung
If there is really an accident.

Weather information—especially flight information.

Aircraft Spruce  Speciality Co.
Everything you need for your airplane.

An overview about flight weather.

The German hang glider federation.
The German microlight federation.
"The" page about microlight aviation in Germany with aviation market.
A private page about microlight aviation with aviation market.

A great site from Austria containing
a list of all Austrian airports.

FLUPP - Electronic Flight Log
An electronic flight log - easy to handle and freeware.
THE weather selfbriefing system.
A METAR decoder.
Flying in Germany
Flying in Germany - helpful information
about it. In the future also in English and French?
Spareparts / Instruments:

Mark Ingegno
ULM Technologie
Microel / Flybox

VFR NOTAMS in Germany
Here you can see the actual VFR NOTAMS.
Interesting things, funny things related to flying and airplanes...

If  you need a good suggestion for a weekend trip to Germany...

LSC Schliersee
The best web site for soaring in Germany by the way here I (Thomas) learned to fly :-)

Flying Pages
Everybody knows, sure...

MFG Holzkirchen e.V.
Our neighbors flying model airplanes.

The human borders during flying..

The Ultralight Experience convince anybody that you HAVE to fly! :-)

A collection of available aviation magazines.

The CH701—the grandfather of the Savannah. A private site.

The biggest link collection concerning ultralight aviation we found in the web.

Projekt Zwerggans
The thing Mr. Moullec did.. now in Germany.

Wunderschöne Fotos
Great photos. Two contributions from Hansi Fitterer.

Angelas Copilots Guide
Interesting things for  Co-Pilots.

Fliegerclub Warngau
The closest neighbors.

Ultraleicht Fliegen
A nice web site about ul aviation.

How to visualize GPS data.

All About Ultralights
Everything about ultralight aviation—the author says...

Faszinierende Konzepte
New ideas concerning flying and not only flying.

Funny... and it even flies
The Woopy: Pictures and the official site „Woopy Site“

A great film about flying.

Flying Legends
Have a look—you will like it!

Faszination - „Fascination“
A great site about a great plane.

Der Werftverein
The historical airplane shed in Oberschleissheim.

Fliegerszene - 1000 Links
A site with 1000 aviation related links.

A flight school in Holzkirchen.

An interesting new plane more like an helicopter.

Broke Bone Pilots
Humor—important to have in every situation...

"The" Airventure in Oskosh, Wisconsin

Tom Huber and his Savage...

Aero Friedrichshafen
A fair with a lot of microlight planes.

Flugplatz Tannheim
"Tannkosh", everybody knows meanwhile?

The "Red Bull Airrace"
Here you find the infos and great videos.
Here you find the schedule for the most famous airshows.
The "Hangar 7"
The Red Bull airplane collection
including a restaurant at the airport in Salzburg.
The "Flying Bulls"
The official Flying Bulls website.
The European Microlight Federation.
Not allowed with a microlight... at least in Germany.
The Ultraflight-Radio
A microlight radio station.
The Flarm
Meanwhile a "MUST"!.
The Archaeopteryx
An interesting new project...
The Wendelstein
... not far away and a wonderful mountain.
Here you find a site with great pictures
showing the area where we are "allowed" to fly.
The UL-Flyer
A web site with a shop with the essential things to buy...
A "Helicopter"
Not really, but a funny idea...
A great site with a lot of pictures, especially about the Ikarus C22: 
A site with a lot of great pictures and videos: AerialAdventure.Net
The OSVM, close to our "airport": 
Oldtimer Segelflugverein München
A site with videos and a lot of interesting links about gliding in the alps: 
A very beautiful site about flying and extreme sports: 
A new German forum for UL pilots.
A site for microlight pilots.
And another site for microlight pilots.


There exist things worth to see and not related to airplanes...really!

The Fools Theater
Always worth to visit.. the theatre and the cafe.

The "Kantn" does not exist anymore ... but the WeyHalla in Weyarn.

Whisky Before Breakfast
You will hear about this new band in the future!

"The" theatre in Holzkirchen.