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ICP Savannah MXP 740V

Here you can find links to web sites, articles, data sheets - anything which belongs to this airplane and could be interesting.

If you know another web site or have anything which is missing here, please let us know.

The Producer
ICP s.r.l.
Via Torino, 12 - Fraz. Gallareto
14020 PIOVÁ Massaia (AT) / Italy
Phone +39 (0)141 996503
Fax +39 (0)141 996506
The German Reseller
Flugschule Scheiber
Bismarckstraße 5
74405  Gaildorf
Phone +498(0)7971-23303
Fax +49(0)7971-23409
An article released in the Aerokurier:
Read by yourself and decide it it is correct...

The Description
Everything correct? (German only, sorry.)

The official Datasheet from the
Link to the DAeC

The Propeller
The Rescue System:
Magnum High-Speed-Softpack

Distribution: Junkers Profly
The Rescue System:
Magnum High-Speed-Softpack

Distribution: Junkers Profly
Yahoo Group - Savannah Owners
Savannah Owners
Project: A BMW Motor for the Savannah
Current LTA‘s
Chris Heintz - Builder of the CH701
The grandfather of the Savannah
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002
Savannah created by Maximos Sevastopoulos

Microsoft Flugsimulator 2004
Savannah von Massimo Taccoli

Microsoft Flugsimulator X
Savannah von Massimo Taccoli

Service for the Rotax Motor
Tips & Ticks around the Rotax
Have a look at the worldwide
Savannah owners:


The „Bing“-Carburator
Distirbution in America
The Italian Savannah Club
Club Savannah & Bingo
The Svannah ADV
Fotos of the new Savannah ADV
A report about this new plane

Here you can see how you Kit will look like:
Different photos of the Savannah Kit
Vortex Generators for the Savannah:
A wonderful site - great pictures of a "Savannah-Flyer"