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Without friends this it would still be a dream...

Heike Wieland and Ulli Hahn

What shall we say?

Thank you very, very much!

Björn Classen

Whenever we needed a good hint ...

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much to the local council of Holzkirchen for the support and their unbiased attitude when talking about flying… this is not  obvious.
Unfortunately still without picture...

Norbert Leidl working for the Luftamt Südbayern

We did it not despite - but together with this authority - and this was a great experience, especially in Bavaria :-). 

Thank you very much!

Air Traffic Control (Grandmother) and Airport Restaurant (Helga)

It is not always easy for them to stand all that crazy ideas… but sometimes they still smile :-)

Thank you!

Picture comes soon.


THE help whenever needed… and future pilot.

Thank you very much!


Always helping with a few wise words, a joke - or if necessary, of course, even with helping hands :-).

Thanks a lot!